UCI Law, School of Social Ecology launch scholarship, 3+3 Articulated Program

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Recipients receive $30,000 scholarships and earn B.A. and J.D. degrees in six years 

The School of Law and the School of Social Ecology have established a dynamic, two-part collaboration to offer School of Social Ecology students access to an accelerated Bachelors/Juris Doctor degree program and scholarship funds. 

“As we launch the scholarship and 3+3 articulated programs with UCI’s School of Social Ecology, we celebrate the complementary partnership between our institutions, where social and legal perspectives converge to address complex societal challenges,” says UCI Law Dean and Chancellor’s Professor of Law Austen L. Parrish. “This collaboration not only enhances academic excellence but also underscores our shared commitment to breaking disciplinary boundaries. Together, UCI Law and the UCI School of Social Ecology are fostering a new generation of legal professionals equipped with the interdisciplinary insights necessary to make a lasting impact on our world.” 

Indeed, says Social Ecology Dean Jon Gould.

“As a former lawyer myself, I appreciate the value of a law degree. I am delighted that, through this partnership, we have an opportunity to open doors even wider for our undergraduates in Social Ecology, making a legal education even more attainable,” Gould says. 

Under the collaborative initiative, UCI Law and the School of Social Ecology will cooperate on two innovative programs: the School of Social Ecology Scholarship and the 3+3 Articulated Program. 

School of Social Ecology Scholarship Program: Removing Financial Barriers 

The newly created School of Social Ecology Scholarship Program seeks to provide talented School of Social Ecology students interested in the study of law the ability to obtain an affordable legal education at one of the nation’s top public law schools. The program guarantees a minimum scholarship for students who have graduated from the UCI School of Social Ecology and are later admitted into UCI Law’s Juris Doctor (J.D.) program. Successful applicants admitted to the Law School, who are part of the Scholarship Program, will receive a $30,000 tuition scholarship per year, available for both residents and nonresidents, to help offset the costs of attending UCI Law. To be eligible for the guaranteed scholarship, applicants must meet or exceed the minimum UGPA and LSAT score, at least equal to the median for the UCI Law entering J.D. class of the prior year. 

3+3 Articulated Program: Accelerating the Path to a J.D. 

In addition to the Scholarship Program, the UCI Law and School of Social Ecology collaboration also offers the 3+3 Articulated Program, an accelerated pathway for high-achieving School of Social Ecology students to earn B.A. and J.D. degrees in six years, as opposed to the traditional seven. To qualify, students must be on track to fulfill all their undergraduate and School of Social Ecology degree requirements by the end of their third year at UCI. Successful applicants admitted to UCI Law through this program will benefit from scholarship assistance, including a $30,000 scholarship every year to help cover tuition and fees at UCI Law. Additionally, participants will receive mentorship through a structured mentor program, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. 

The collaboration between UCI Law and the UCI School of Social Ecology underscores the university’s commitment to promoting academic excellence, reducing financial burdens and creating unique interdisciplinary educational opportunities for students. By combining their resources and expertise, UCI Law and the School of Social Ecology aim to empower aspiring legal professionals and nurture their intellectual growth.  

For more information, contact Cristina Gapasin Tortal, assistant dean of admissions and student financial services, at cgapasin@law.uci.edu.

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