• Educational value

    UCI earns 7th in MONEY's list of best colleges for the money

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  • Commencement

    Nearly 1,300 Social Ecology students graduate

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  • Serving abroad

    Global Service Scholars go to Peru, Thailand and Ghana

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  • Rap on trial

    PhD graduate studies perils of using rap lyrics as evidence

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  • Community Researcher

    Quas wins Outstanding Community Researcher Award

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  • MFI research

    Older, denser cities have better access, study finds

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  • Capital juries

    Prof. Scurich studies potential death penalty bias

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  • In isolation

    Reiter on the rise of long-term solitary confinement

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Through research, teaching and community engagement, the School of Social Ecology focuses on science based solutions to social and environmental problems. Our work is organized into three research hubs. Click below to learn more.