Meet the new professors

8 new faculty members

Top row, from left: Tony Cheng, Pia Dietze, Şule Güney and Nicole Iturriaga. Bottom row, from left: Mukul Kumar, Avipsa Roy, Jason Schiffman and Carolina Valdivia

School hires criminologists, psychologists and urban planners

Eight faculty members join the School of Social Ecology this fall. They are:

Tony Cheng

Assistant professor of criminology, law and society

Education: Ph.D. in sociology from Yale; J.D. from New York University; B.A. in political science and ethnicity, race and migration from Yale 

Research interests: Crime, law, and urban inequality. 

Pia Dietze

Assistant professor of psychological science

Education: Ph.D. and M.A. in psychology from New York University, B.A. in psychology from UC Berkeley

Research interests: economic inequality, social class, social cognition, and early information processing.

Şule Güney

Assistant professor of teaching in psychological science

Education: Ph.D. in psychology from University of New South Wales, B.A. in psychology from Istanbul Bilgi University

Research interests: Decision making under risk and ambiguity, and strategic decisions in interactive environments.

Nicole Iturriaga

Assistant professor of criminology, law and society

Education: Ph.D. and M.A. in sociology from UCLA, B.A. in sociology from UC Berkeley

Research interests: Science and technology, political sociology, social movements, and human rights.

Mukul Kumar

Assistant professor of urban planning and public policy

Education: Ph.D. in city and regional planning from UC Berkeley, MPhil in development studies from the University of Cambridge, B.A. in history from UC Irvine

Research interests: Climate justice, energy and environment, political ecology, social movements and global urbanism.

Avipsa Roy

Assistant professor of urban planning and public policy

Education: Ph.D. in Geography from Arizona State University, M.S. in geoinformatics from University of Muenster, Germany, B.S. in computer science from University of Calcutta, India

Research interests: Developing methods in urban analytics and geospatial data science to answer overarching questions in transportation planning, public health, environmental science and social equity. Her research follows three themes: 

  • analyzing spatial-temporal patterns emerging from complex processes like human mobility patterns,
  • monitoring changes in urban environments over time to detect anomalies in the face of extreme events and/or natural hazards, and
  • developing data-driven analytics to assess risk, equitable access and minimize exposure in transportation networks. 

Jason Schiffman

Professor of psychological science and director of clinical training

Education: Ph.D. in clinical psychology from USC

Research interests: Early identification and treatment of youth at risk for psychosis. Reduction of stigma against people with serious mental health concerns. Address issues of racial inequity and health disparities for those in the early phases of psychosis.

Carolina Valdivia

Assistant professor of criminology, law and society

Education: Ph.D. in education from Harvard University, M.A. in sociology from San Diego State University, B.A. in sociology and criminology from Cal State San Marcos.

Research interests: Immigration law, enforcement, youth and families, the sociology of education, and the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.

Mimi Ko Cruz
Director of Communications