Delinking crime and immigration

Charis Kubrin

Professor discusses research, showing immigrants in the U.S. are less prone to commit crime despite disinformation to the contrary

Charis Kubrin, professor of criminology, law and society, recently delivered a talk on her research about immigration and crime for the National Press Foundation.

The National Press Foundation listed the following as five takeaways from Kubrin's talk.

  1. Research has consistently found that immigrants nearly always commit fewer crimes than U.S.-born groups. 
  2. Public perceptions are not changing in the face of criminal statistics that contradict their views. 
  3. Immigrants as a group have lower levels of family disruption and other factors that can lead to crime. 
  4. Reporters should add context to the purely political, “he said/she said” stories on immigration and crime. 
  5. Language matters. Kubrin avoids words such as “legal,” “illegal” and “alien” when talking about immigrants.

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