Undergraduate Program

Social Ecology B.A. Degree

The BA in Social Ecology prepares students for careers in a wide variety of occupations. The training is explicitly interdisciplinary, providing a broad perspective that views ecological systems in a holistic fashion. Our students have a wide variety of interests and our alumni have gone on to a wide variety of careers.

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In order to complete the major in Social Ecology, students must complete the following requirements.


1. CRM/LAW C7 Introduction to Criminology, Law and Society
2. ENVIRON E8 Introduction to Environmental Analysis and Design
3. PSY BEH P9 Introduction to Human Behavior
4. SOCECOL 10 Research Design
5. SOCECOL 13 Statistical Analysis in Social Ecology
6. SOCECOL 194 Naturalistic Field Research
7. SOCECOL 195 Field Study
8. An additional four units of Field Study or a four unit upper-division course in any department in the School of Social Ecology


Ten upper division courses in the School of Social Ecology. You may elect to take your ten upper division courses from any of the departments in the School of Social Ecology. These departments are: Psychology and Social Behavior; Criminology, Law and Society; Planning, Policy, and Design; and Social Ecology. All ten courses must be numbered between 100 and 193 and you must adhere to any prerequisites imposed by the individual departments.


A large part of the Social Ecology program is taking courses that offer a multidisciplinary perspective on a topic or issue. Following is a partial list of the many multidisciplinary courses offered in the School of Social Ecology.

Criminology, Law and Society
C108 Criminological Theory
C106, Crime and Public Policy
C110 - Community Context of Crime.
C142 White-Collar Crime
C148 - GIS
C156 Cross-Cultural Research on Urban Gangs
C 171 Latinos and the Law

Psychology and Social Behavior
P109/PPD151 Environmental Psychology
P124D Human Development and Cross-cultural Perspectives
P125H The Hardiness Approach to Stress Management
P127H Human Stress
P144C: Personality
P163S Social Epidemiology (cross-listed with Public Health as 102)
P164S Psychology and the Law
P166S Family, Society and Education
P170P Work and the Family

Planning, Policy and Design
PPD 106 Technology & Economic Development
PPD 109 Housing Policy
PPD 134 Human Ecology
PPD 139 Water Resources Policy
PPD150 Environmental Programming
PPD152 Cultural Ecology & Environmental Design
PPD153 Elements of Environmental Design
PPD155 Urban Design Principles
PPD 173 Technology Analysis

Social Ecology
SE131 Social Ecology of Health Promotion
SE 194W Naturalistic Field Research