Research Awards and Grant Management (Post-Award)

Awards Paid Directly to Applicant
  • For monetary awards that are paid directly to the applicant, the funds will be distributed to you directly by the funding agency. In some cases, the funds will be distributed all at once; in other cases, the funds may be distributed in installments, in accordance with the particular funding agency's policies.
Awards Paid to the University
  • For monetary awards that are paid to the university, you and your faculty mentor (who is typically listed as the Principal Investigator) will be notified by UCI's Sponsored Projects Office, the Graduate Division, and/or the Business and Research Services Office in Social Ecology that an award has been received. An account and fund number will be established that will allow you to draw upon the funds to cover allowable expenses under the terms of the award (e.g., a stipend, educational fees, and/or research expenses).
  • It is important for you to follow the agency's guidelines regarding allowable expenses, as well as the university's purchasing and reimbursement policies. In most cases, a financial analyst from the Business and Research Services Office will be assigned to manage the university account for you. Upon receipt of the award, the financial analyst will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your project needs, reporting requirements, and budget, and to inform you of any possible restrictions.
  • The financial analyst will send monthly expense reports with account balances to both you and your faculty mentor, will clarify funding agency requirements regarding particular kinds of expenses, and will give you advance notice when an award will be ending. It is also important to make sure that you understand the period covered by the award -- be careful to avoid expenses that fall outside the period or terms of the award, as they might not be covered. The financial analyst can assist you with questions you may have about the financial management of your award.
  • Purchasing and Reinbursment Guidelines