Payroll and Benefits FAQ


Where is the payroll office located?

The payroll office is located in the SBSG Building, 5th floor, room 5312.


Where do I obtain a timesheet?

  • For bi-weekly and monthly students and staff  you can access online timesheet system by logging into the TRS system.

What is the deadline to submit timesheets and when do I get paid?

On the TRS Resources page, you will find the current information.


How do I get paid?

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Signing up for direct deposit is simple. Please see the following link for complete instructions:

I have direct deposit, how do I view my statement?

In order to view your earnings statement, you will need to access the "At Your Service Online" (AYSO) application.

If this is your first time logging on to AYSO, follow the steps below. If not, sign in to AYSO using your current username and password and skip to step 3.

  1. Click on the "sign in to my accounts" icon and select "new user"
  2. Enter your social security number and in the password field enter your birthdate in mmddyyyy format.
  3. Under the "Income & Taxes" subheading, select "Earnings Statement".
  4. Select the pay period you would like to view. You may also print your statements from this application.

I don't have direct deposit, when and where can I pick up my check?

Paper checks are available for pick up in SBSG Building 5th floor, Dean's Office Suite, Rm 5300 after 1:00pm on the pay date.


How do I hire a student?

If you would like to hire a student assistant, graduate student researcher, tutor or reader,  please contact Kristin Kim at or 824-5915.


Who do I contact if I need additional information?

Please contact: Kristin Kim, Personnel/Payroll Analyst, 949-824-5915, .