Key Requests

Key Requests

Keys for Social Ecology staff, faculty and students are issued through each of the departments. Social Ecology I and SBSG have keyed entrances; Social Ecology II has a card key access. Doors to SEI, SEII and SBSG follow the standard campus opening and closing schedules:

  • Monday-Friday, open at 7:00 am, close at 11:00 pm (hours may differ during COVID)
  • Closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

The procedure for obtaining keys:

  1. Fill out a key request form: using the (Excel file) Key Request Form
  2. Fill out the top portion of the form completely and add the Building and Room Number sections for the keys requested.
  3. Email form to the School Department Manager, or the person who is officially assigned the office/space for approval. (Example: faculty member for research office - The Department Manager must be CC’ed also).
  4. After approval by the responsible party above, the approved form will be sent to the Academic Department to finish processing.
  5. An email acknowledgment will be sent to you when your key(s) are ready for pick-up. 
  6. Check with your department about where to pick up your key.  (Please bring  photo ID)
  7. A cash deposit of $10 per key is required for all lecturers, visitors, undergraduates, and non-senate academics.
  8. You must pick-up and return your own keys to the department that issued the key.

Keys for Graduate Students:

  • Keys to main entrance SEI, mailroom
  • Key card to SEII
  • Specific keys as assigned by department or faculty member

Keys for Undergraduate Students:

Specific keys to research offices. Keys to the building and to research suites are not available (Dean's Advisory committee policy, June 1997).  Talk to your advisor/research assistant about options.