Chehabi's receive UCI Medal

October 2010

This year's UCI Medal event "A Celebration of Stars," held on October 2, 2010, honored two of Social Ecology's Leadership Council members, Salma (B.S. Bio '99, B.A. SocEco '09) and Hazem Chehabi, M.D., for their transforming philanthropic contributions to UCI. The event raised $1,000,000 in support of scholarships and fellowships.

At the event, the Dean of the School of Social Ecology, Valerie Jenness, expressed gratitude for Salma and Hazem Chehabi's work on behalf of the School of Social Ecology, UCI and the community, saying "I've gained a deep appreciation for their sense of noblesse oblige-- a deep and abiding commitment to using their time, energy, resources and talent to better our communities and to enrich the lives of those that live in the community and beyond." Further, Dean Jenness commented "Their approach to giving to the community extends beyond their financial generosity and support to the university; it is marked by an interpersonal integrity and kindness that defines who they are. They have what I call a generosity of spirit."

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