Is California's drought over? Depends how deep you dig

March 2017

David Feldman, Professor of Planning, Policy and Design, is quoted in CBC News for his insight towards the status of the California drought after the recent rainstorms. In the article, he illustrates the importance in recognizing other larger problems besides simply knowing whether the drought in California is over. 

From CBC News:

David Feldman, who teaches water resource management at UC Irvine, agrees.

"According to the U.S. Geological Survey, if groundwater pumping were to cease altogether in the San Joaquin portion of the Central Valley, it could take decades to fully replenish," he says.

And even when the state is overflowing with water as it is now, Feldman says, much of it just disappears.

"Because it's coming so much so quickly, a lot of it is simply running off into our estuaries and into the ocean," Feldman says.

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