Positionality: On Being & Doing (in) Community-based Research

Research Justice Shop Fall 2023 Workshops: Relationship Building and Co-producing Knowledge in Community-based Research
Wed, 12/06/2023 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
ISEB 1200

The 2023-24 Research Justice Workshop Series & Certificate in Community-based Research for Graduate Students is comprised of nine workshops. (This is the third.) The workshops are led by the Research Justice Shop (RJS) co-directors and staff. In each workshop, attendees will participate in experiential learning activities to gain exposure to and training in Community-based Research methods. Participants will also build community, develop research practice commitments, and experiment with meta-principles for Community-based Research and pedagogy. Participants who complete the workshop series will receive a certificate in Community-based Research

Lunch is provided to those who RSVP from noon-12:30 p.m., allowing time for further discussion and community building. Space is limited and participation can only be guaranteed to people who RSVP 48 hours before the workshop and as space allows. Workshops are for graduate students, please contact newkirk@uci.edu if you are not a graudate student but are interested in attending.