How to Use Contentious Student Comments as Pedagogical Opportunities

Scott Bollens' colloquium
Mon, 02/26/2024 - 12:00pm to 1:15pm
Social Ecology I, Room 315

The full title of the colloquium by Scott Bollens, professor of urban planning and public policy and the Warmington Chair in Peace and International Cooperation, is "How to Use Contentious Student Comments as Pedagogical Opportunities: Some thoughts for future instructors, teaching assistants, and faculty."

Professor Bollens studies ethnicity and urban policy, international politically polarized cities, development strategies, and regional and intergovernmental approaches to planning. Questions that guide his research and teaching include:

  • What is the role and influence of urban planning and policy amidst deep inter-group conflict?
  • Can bottom-up urbanism contribute to top-down peacemaking and efforts to democratize a multinational society?
  • What is the relationship between how governance is structured in metropolitan areas and the equality/inequality of opportunity across individuals and localities?