Examining the Nature and Consequences of Moral Injury in Frontline Nursing during COVID-19

Alyson Zalta's Community-Academic Partnered Research Presentation
Fri, 12/08/2023 - 10:00am to 11:30am

UCI Institute for Clinical & Translational Science’s Community Health Research Exchange allows you to come engage with community-academic research teams to discuss important aspects of partnerships, partnership development for research projects, potential pitfalls to avoid, and managing competing interests. They will discuss their research partnerships within the context of the Campus-Community Research Incubator (CCRI) projects they completed.

- "Examining the Nature and Consequences of Moral Injury in Frontline Nurses during COVID-19" with Alyson Zalta, UCI associate professor of psychological science, and Garrett Chan, president and CEO of HealthImpact

- "The Impact of COVID-19 on School Nurses and School Health Services" with Nakia Best, UCI assistant professor of nursing, and Eden Donahue, School Nurses of California Foundation board member.

More info: https://icts.uci.edu/ce/CEnRJC%20and%20CHRE.php