Digital Mental Health Programs at Colleges and Universities Webinar

Temple University panel includes Stephen Schueller
Mon, 06/24/2024 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

The number of college students reporting clinically significant mental health symptoms has doubled in the last decade. As students seek help in greater numbers, higher education leaders are considering the role of digital mental health interventions (DMHIs).

The new guide "Digital Mental Health Interventions at Colleges and Universities: Understanding the Need, Assessing the Evidence, and Identifying Steps Forward" is the first of its kind and intends to do as its name describes—give higher education leaders a guide to help make decisions surrounding DMHIs on their campus.

This paper was commissioned by the Ruderman Family Foundation and compiled in partnership with the Healthy Minds Network, The Hope Center for Student Basic Needs, and Boston University.

Join us for this webinar where the authors will discuss their findings, recommendations and more surrounding DMHIs in higher ed!

Opening Remarks:
Sharon Shapiro, Trustee and Community Liason, Ruderman Family Foundation

Dr. Sara Abelson, Senior Director of Training and Education; The Hope Center
Dr. Daniel Eisenberg, Professor of Health Policy of Management; Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA
Dr. Sarah Ketchen Lipson, Associate Professor of Health Law, Policy and Management; Boston University
Dr. Stephen M. Schueller, Associate Professor of Psychological Science and Informatics; UC Irvine