Participate as an Alumni

Thank you for your interest in the Take a Student to Eat (TASTE) Program. Before you can begin, please make note of the following:


  • Only Social Ecology alumni may participate
  • Responsible for choosing the location for lunch or dinner
  • Pay for the cost of the full meal for the 1 or 2 students
  • Complete a TASTE online participation form
  • After the meeting, alumni will be asked to complete an online evaluation form

Matching Process

Once you have completed the online participation form, the Office of External Relations will review the information that you have provided and make the best match with a student(s). There is a possibility that you could be matched with two students. You have the option of meeting both students at the same time or making two separate appointments. You can specify your preference in the online participation form. Matches could be made immediately or take many weeks, depending on the students’ career interests and the number of students that participate in the program.


Your contact information will only be given to the Social Ecology student with whom you will be having lunch/dinner with, once you have replied to our confirmation email. The Office of External Relations may contact you after your lunch/dinner to ask you to complete a confidential evaluation form. Or the Office of External Relations may ask you to provide a testimonial for the TASTE webpage and/or other materials used to promote the program. All information you hear or obtain from students must be kept strictly confidential by you indefinitely, unless disclosure is permitted by the student.


CLICK HERE to fill out the Alumni Participation Form.