Social and Behavioral Sciences Building is LEED platinum certified

November 2013

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway Building has received the 2013 LEED Platinum level of certification established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in the LEED Rating System. Platinum is the highest level in the LEED certification. LEED stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design." The USGBC established LEED as a way to define and measure "green buildings." The Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway Building is one of three buildings on campus that houses the School of Social Ecology.

Gift to Field Study Program

October 2013

Valerie Jenness, Dean of the School of Social Ecology is extremely pleased to announce that the Dubchansky Family have made a generous gift to support the Field Study Program. The Field Study Program is a pillar of the School of Social Ecology and under the leadership of Associate Professor Geoff Ward, a committee of faculty and staff convened in 2011 to provide recommendations on how best to re-energize and enhance the program's effectiveness.  As a direct result of those recommendations, an Advanced Field Study 3-quarter course was initiated in 2012 and an Advisory Board made up of representatives from community partners, students, faculty and staff has been established. 

With additional resources made possible by this gift, new steps will be taken to inspire and serve students, faculty and community partners through seminars, conferences and an improved inter-active website. Scott Dubchansky is a member of the Dean's Leadership Council.  The School is truly grateful to him and his family for their generous contribution. 

Government view on marijuana raises "equal justice" issue

October 2013

Mona Lynch, Professor of Criminology, Law and Society, was quoted in The Baltimore Sun on the lighter prison sentences that federal judges are handing down. "More judges across the country are imposing shorter sentences in marijuana cases, especially after the Justice Department issued its new guidelines on presecutions this year," states Lynch.

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Promise for Education

October 2013

The Universities of California are participating in the Promises for Education campaign. This month-long campaign is to support scholarships for University of California students in need. Participants make a "promise" and will fulfill/complete their promise when their fundraising goal is met.

Social Ecology has two participants; Dean Valerie Jenness and Chancellors Professor Emeritus Daniel Stokols. Help them reach their fundraising efforts by clicking on the links below to view their promises.

TED Talk by Professor Loftus

September 2013

Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology, recently spoke about her extensive research on false memories at the TEDGlobal 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  “I don’t study when people forget,” she says. “I study when people remember things that didn’t happen. I study false memories.”  After decades of research, Loftus has shown that memory is constructed and reconstructed. She describes it like a "Wikipedia page — you can go change it, but so can other people.”

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Photo Credit: James Duncan Davidson

Mazumdar receives fellowship

September 2013

Sanjoy Mazumdar, Professor of Planning, Policy, and Design, has been awarded a fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) under the JSPS Invitation Fellowship Program for research in Japan over a 26-day stay and lectures/seminars at several universities in Japan.  The program enables Japanese scholars and host institutions that wish to invite the scholar to apply; the recipient cannot submit the application.  Only 33% of the outstanding foreign scientists and scholars with sustained excellent record of research achievement entered for the JSPS Invitation Fellowship Competition ultimately receive a highly prized fellowship.

Mazumdar was also invited by Tsukuba University of Japan to give a lecture at their event “commemorating the 40th and 101st year anniversary of the establishment of the university."



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