Criminology, Law and Society

The faculty and students of the Department of Criminology, Law and Society (CLS) study three related topics: (1) law making—the social, political, economic and cultural factors that lead to the development of law and explain the structure of our legal system; (2) law breaking—the causes and consequences of crime; and (3) the justice system—how (and how well) our system of justice is working and how it might be improved. View CLS website to learn more.



Psychology and Social Behavior

The faculty expertise of the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior (PSB) includes the developmental, social, personality, health, and legal aspects of psychology as well as biological, clinical, cultural, community, environmental, and ecological psychology. The faculty has an overarching interest in understanding the origins of human behavior as it develops across the life course and in diverse socio-cultural contexts. View PSB website to learn more.




Planning, Policy and Design

The Department of Planning, Policy and Design’s (PPD) unique mission at UC Irvine is to teach and undertake scholarship and community service at the intersection of three distinct areas: the natural environment, the built environment (including community design), and public policy implementation. This mission allows the department to creatively explore practical solutions to problems at the interstices of environmental protection, social justice, and community health, well-being, and security. View PPD website to learn more.