Social Ecology Contract and Grant Proposal Services

Please note of all timelines/deadlines listed in red below.

The Social Ecology Business-Research Services Office staff provide assistance to faculty members with the preparation and submission of contract and grant proposals. The office is located on the 5th floor of SBSG.

Getting Started

  1. START EARLY - Last minute requests will not receive assistance.
  2. Identify and review sponsor's funding opportunity guidelines.
  3. Complete a simple preliminary budget form.
  4. Submit to your Business-Research Services departmental contact  4 weeks before the agency due date. Some proposals require additional lead time - please see the summary of minimum lead time requirements below.
  5. Please plan your time so that your completed proposal will be available for mandatory reviews/approvals at least 1 week before the agency due date (i.e. review/approval by Dept Chair, Dean, and Office of Research Administration/Sponsored Projects).

Minimum Lead Time Requirements

  • With lead time of 4 weeks, staff will assist with proposal preparation, securing internal Social Ecology reviews and approvals (i.e. Dept Chair and Dean), and submitting the application to the Office of Research Administration/Sponsored Projects(often referred to as "SPA)" for final review, approval, and submission to the funding agency.
  • Additional lead time is required if:

    • Your proposal is a subaward: If your proposal will be included as a subaward or subcontract in another institution's application, that institution will very likely require UCI's institutionally endorsed proposal 1-2 weeks before the agency due date. Initiate your work with the Business-Research staff, 6 weeks before the agency due date if your proposal is a subaward (subcontract).

    • Your proposal includes multiple subawards: If your proposal includes multiple subawards or subcontracts that that involve collaborating PIs, additional time is needed to accommodate the other sites' proposal preparation and approval processes and to incorporate their budget figures and documents into your proposal. Initiate your work with the Business-Research staff, 6 weeks before the agency due date if your proposal is a subaward (subcontract).

    • Your proposal requires electronic submission through Most NIH proposals now require submission through, a process that requires additional time. SPA requires 5 days for final review, processing, and submission of applications through Initiate your work with the Business-Research staff, 6 weeks before the agency due date if your proposal is a subaward (subcontract).

  • Late receipt of RPP

    • Only limited assistance is possible if the RPP is submitted with less than the minimum lead time specified above. In such cases, staff will work with Social Ecology PIs to prepare limited budgets and to assist with administrative approvals. Additional services (e.g., assisting with the completion of application forms, providing alternate budget scenarios, obtaining material or information from other units or institutions) are not feasible with limited lead time.

  • No Assistance

    • Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that a proposal will be processed if fully completed paperwork is not in the system and/or all approvals have not been secured within 7 days prior to agency due date.

Additional Requirements

  • Schedule an in-person meeting between PI and Business-Research staff liaison.
  • Identify and review Agency guidelines carefully.
  • Determine a budget target (fewer budget revisions required).
  • Be available for follow-up discussions - relying solely on email or leaving a student in charge is often insufficient and does not replace direct communication.
  • Subcontractors, consultants, or collaborating faculty need direct contact with PI.

Staff Contact

  • Please make sure that your initial request and subsequent exchanges regarding proposal preparation and processing are directed to the appropriate Business-Research Services staff (as shown in the RPP and in the Social Ecology Directory).
  • Please confer with the assigned Business-Research Services staff before contacting the campus Office of Research Administration/Sponsored Projects regarding your proposal.