School of Social Ecology Funding

Dissertation Fellowships

The School of Social Ecology awards several dissertation fellowships during the academic year. These fellowships provide highly qualified students with financial support in the form of fees and a stipend for one-quarter. This frees the fellowship recipient to devote his or her full attention to completion of the dissertation during the period of the award. Dissertation fellowship awards are very competitive. Students must be nominated for such awards by their faculty mentor and the departmental Graduate Advisor.

Research Assistantships

Many students work as research assistants on funded faculty research projects. Students can work in such positions up to 50% time during the academic year (with the formal employment title of "graduate student researcher" (GSR). These positions are normally arranged between the relevant faculty member(s) and the student. Students who are employed 50% time as a research assistant ("graduate student researcher") on a funded research project normally will have their fees and, if applicable, nonresident tuition paid by the extramural funding source (e.g., federal grant) during the period of employment. (Note: This is prohibited under some extramural arrangements; consult with the relevant faculty member for further information.) Thus, the compensation package for a graduate student research assistant is typically equivalent to the compensation package for a teaching assistant.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistant appointments represent an important source of funding for many Ph.D. students, and the it is an important experience for Ph.D. level graduate training. Therefore, Ph.D. students are given priority for teaching assistant positions over M.A. and MURP students. Students' academic progress and previous TA performance also influence their prospects of obtaining a position. Additional information about Teaching Assistantships is available in the Social Ecology Graduate Student Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Sources of Summer Support

See the Social Ecology Graduate Student Policies and Procedures Handbook for information about sources of summer funding.