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Coming Together for a Better World

The 21st century poses myriad, unique challenges that will require fresh, bold thinking to create innovative solutions. Challenges offer opportunities, but making the most of these opportunities will require scholarship that is rigorous, innovative, thoughtful and engaged – scholarship that breaks new ground and is steeped in the best scientific traditions.

We are Change Makers and we are dedicated to bolstering the research, science and teaching that tackle tomorrow’s pressing social and environmental problems – in fields as diverse as social justice and healthy aging, crime and human rights, poverty alleviation and sustainable urban planning. As members of the premier support group for Social Ecology, our contributions are vital for the students and faculty who generate implementable solutions that help make our world a better place.

A Unique School

The School of Social Ecology is an internationally recognized pioneer in developing interdisciplinary solutions to social problems. The school encourages flexibility and independent thinking among faculty and students, and nourishes collaboration across different fields and between people of many different backgrounds.

Social Ecology alumni — more than 24,000 and counting — are making their presence felt in a wide range of fields, including urban planning, criminal justice, education and mental health. Our alumni put into practice the Social Ecology ethos regardless of their ultimate arena of expertise.

Your impact as a ChangeMaker

ChangeMakers support the Dean’s Fund for Excellence, which provides the Dean with the flexibility to respond to educational opportunities as they arise and support the school’s most critical priorities. ChangeMakers can also designate their membership to support faculty research, student scholarships or specific initiatives in one of the School’s three research hubs.

  • Healthy People and Places:  How can adults age well emotionally in the face of health challenges? Why does awe produce altruistic, positive social behavior? What responses ease and eliminate poverty? How can society design a more sustainable water system?
  • Crime Prevention and Social Justice: How can false convictions be prevented? What are the best ways to apply the findings of social science to the legal system? How can data be used to improve correctional policy? When and why are rap lyrics used as evidence of crime?
  • Technology and Human Potential: How can computer models and drones help plan for flooding? How can computer models and drones help plan for flooding? What methods of big data analysis can improve understanding of communities? What do saliva markers indicate about human health?

ChangeMaker Benefits

ChangeMakers find great satisfaction in empowering future generations of students who will make lasting contributions to the world around us. Moreover, when you become a ChangeMaker, you join forces with a select group of supporters dedicated to the interdisciplinary, problem-solving research and teaching championed by the School of Social Ecology.  As a ChangeMaker you will enjoy:

  • Numerous networking opportunities
  • Access to exclusive ChangeMaker programs, such as the Daybreak Dialogues
  • Engagement opportunities with stellar faculty and students
  • Listing and links on the ChangeMakers’ website

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Become a ChangeMaker, and forge the foundation of a better, solution-driven future. By joining, you are making an investment that will yield benefits for generations to come.

To join, click here to fill out this form and mail to:

Jason Creque
Associate Director of Development
UCI School of Social Ecology
5300 Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway
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(949) 824-0174

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