UCI research institute aims to decode valuable information in saliva

August 2016

Douglas Granger, Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, and his research institute, Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research, were featured in Dental Tribune.

From Dental Tribune:
Saliva is easily obtained and contains a great deal of individual health information. Dr. Douglas Granger, Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research, is convinced that salivary diagnostics will become increasingly important in the future.

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The Doom of your memories doesn't really exist

July 2016

Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology, was quoted in Wired.

From Wired:

If you played Doom during its heyday in the 90s, I have some disappointing news: it’s not as frightening as you remember. But that’s just how memory goes.

Think of your most important memories, your most cherished experiences. What you’re remembering probably didn’t happen quite the way you think it did. “If there’s a lot of suggestion or inference or wishful thinking, you can get distortion in memory,” says Elizabeth Loftus, a professor of Social Ecology who studies memory at UC Irvine and has written several books on the subject. “It probably happens quite a lot.”

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Arrested Development

July 2016

Elizabeth Cauffman, Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, spoke at TEDx UCIrvine in Costa Mesa. Her research addresses the intersect between adolescent development and juvenile justice. Cauffman asks the fundamental question: are adolescents different from adults in ways that require different treatment under the law? In her talk, she discusses how we can approach this question in a matter that is fair within our society.

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The mystery of why you can't remember being a baby

July 2016

Elizabeth Loftus', Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology, research was mentioned in BBC Future.

From BBC Future:

We should be very wary about what we do recall from that time, though – our childhood is probably full of false memories for events that never occurred. Elizabeth Loftus, a psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, has devoted her career to the phenomenon. “People can pick up suggestions and begin to visualise them – they become like memories,” she says.

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Cutting edge research on cities: Introducing UC Irvine's Metropolitan Futures Initiative

July 2016

John Hipp, Professor of Criminology, Law and Society and Director of the Metropolitan Futures Initiative (MFI) and, Research Fellow Kevin Kane, were interviewed on The City Square, a radio show hosted by the Association of California Cities, Orange County. They discussed MFI’s recently released research on regional growth and development.

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Pictured, from left to right: Kevin Kane, Brian Lochrie and John Hipp

Conventions show evidence of voter dissatisfaction

July 2016

Peter Ditto, Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, was quoted in the Orange County Register.

From the Orange County Register:

“People seem to have a diminishing belief that our governmental institutions can effectively solve problems any more,” he said. “The two sides of the aisle can’t get anything done because they despise each other, and negotiation and compromise with a hated other side has become tantamount to treason.

“The American people just don’t know who to trust right now, but they are pretty damn sure it isn’t the bozos in Washington, D.C.”

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Moms working outside of the home: Good for the kids?

July 2016

The research of Wendy Goldberg, Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, and her colleagues, was referenced in Psychology Today.

From Psychology Today:

It turns out – according to a systematic review by researchers at the University of California-Irvine  – that children of mothers who return to work while the children are infants and toddlers fare the same behaviorally and in school achievement compared to children whose mothers stay home. The review looked at 69 studies over a period of 50 years that included data about children’s school performance and behavioral problems.

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What went on at the hospital that 'experimented' on child patients?

July 2016

Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology, was quoted in BBC Magazine about the use of a sodium amytal, also known as a "truth serum," on child patients at a psychiatric hospital in the 1960s and 70s.

From BBC Magazine:

"It is not a truth serum," says Professor Elizabeth Loftus, an expert in memory from the University of California, Irvine. "When it comes to the recovery of pristine, accurate, allegedly repressed memories, it's a danger.

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Eloy Ortiz Oakley selected to lead California community colleges

July 2016

Social Ecology alumnus Eloy Ortiz Oakley M.A.'96, MBA '99, has been selected as the new chancellor of California's community college system. Oakley will become the first Latino chancellor of the community college system, the nation's largest higher education system, when he assumes his duties in December.

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