Where does someone who studies solitary confinement go to be alone?

November 2014

Keramet Reiter, Assistant Professor of Criminology, Law and Society, spends a lot of time studying prisons and prisoners' rights and solitary confinement but where does she go when she wants to be alone? In an article on Zocalo Public Square "In the Green Room," Reiter is asked where she spends her alone time and many other interesting questions.

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Center for Psychology and Law Distinguished Fellows

October 2014

The Center for Psychology and Law is honored to welcome the inaugural class of Distinguished Fellows for the 2014-2015 academic year. Fellows will contribute their time and expertise by serving on the Center’s Advisory Board, providing professional mentorship to graduate students, and participating in a special policy briefing. The Fellows include: Park Dietz, Honorable Judge Maria D. Hernandez, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, and Jennifer L. Keller.

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UCI named best U.S. college for criminology

October 2014

The Department of Criminology, Law and Society (CLS) was named the number one U.S college for a major in criminology by USA Today, edging out Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. USA Today based their rating on UCI's CLS program that  "combines classes in criminology with socio-legal studies to give students an advanced understanding of criminal justice theories."

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Why we shouldn't charge the Sayreville kids as adults

October 2014

Elizabeth Cauffman, Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, participated in a Question and Answer session on about the seven Sayreville high school football players that are accused of sexually hazing their younger teammates. They have been charged with varying degrees of involvement and three are facing the most serious charge of aggravated sexual assault. The prosecutor is being pressured to try them as adults. In the interview, Cauffman makes the case that we should never charge kids as adults, no matter what they have done. Based on her research, she feels that imposing a harsher punishment will only backfire and the kids might do worse things in the future.

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Matthew appointed faculty director of the Blum Center

October 2014

Richard Matthew, Professor of Planning, Policy, and Design and Director of the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs (CUSA), has been appointed faculty director of the newly formed Blum Center for Global Engagement. The mission of the new UCI Blum Center for Global Engagement is to stimulate interest, deepen commitment and find creative ways to bring the extensive resources of the campus to bear on the complex challenge of sustainable poverty alleviation. The critical components of the Center are education, community engagement and research.


UCI hosts world's largest pillow fight

October 2014

4,200 UCI students participated in the world's largest pillow fight held on campus on Tuesday, September 30. The sea of college students, mostly freshmen and incoming transfers, armed themselves with pillows and beat the previous record of 3800 participants. UCI also has two other world records, the largest water gun fight and dodge ball game.

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Photo credit: Steve Zylius/UC Irvine

Rap music doesn't always mean what it says

September 2014

Charis Kubrin, Professor of Criminology, Law and Society, and Erik Nielson (University of Richmond) wrote an amicus brief for the U.S. Supreme Court on the complexities of-and responses to-rap music for an upcoming case involving the prosecution of rap lyrics. They note "Rap music resides squarely within a long tradition of African American storytelling and verbal competition, one that privileges exaggeration, metaphor, and, above all, wordplay."

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Microsemi/Peterson Fellows announced

September 2014

Graduate students Matthew Fritz-Mauer and Nicole Sherman have been named the 2014-2015 Microsemi/Peterson Fellows. These students are associated with the Center for Law, Society and Culture, which promotes interdisciplinary work in the role of social, cultural, and historical factors in the development and interpretation of law. The Microsemi/Peterson fellowships are made possible through a gift from Jim Peterson, CEO of the Microsemi Corporation, who has been a generous supporter of the Center's activities over the past 4 years. The selected fellows participate in a year-long set of activities designed to further their interdisciplinary research training, through intellectual collaboration and exchange, and through the production of an original project.

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