Through inspired research, our School is committed to understanding crime, empowering individuals and promoting justice both locally and globally. Below are a few examples of the work happening within the research hub Crime Prevention and Social Justice. To learn more about our research hubs, click here.

Connecting Psychology and the Law

The UCI Center for Psychology & Law fosters collaboration and communication among academics, legal professionals, policy makers, and the general public to address areas of inquiry where social sciences and legal systems intersect. The center tries to bridge the gap between scientific evidence and public policy by bringing together faculty, students, and members of the legal community to address real world problems.

Informing Correctional Policy

In an effort to put science before politics when managing state correctional populations, the Center for Evidence-Based Corrections evaluates juvenile and adult prison programs – including rehabilitation, parole and reentry programs – and conducts research that can help corrections officials make policy decisions based on scientific evidence.

Preventing Miscarriages of Justice

The National Registry of Exonerations, housed in the Newkirk Center for Science and Society, provides comprehensive information on exonerations of innocent criminal defendants in the US in order to prevent future false convictions by learning from past errors.