Criminology Outreach Program (COP) 

The Criminology Outreach Program was established in 1999 to address the needs of under-served students in the community through an education on the legal system. The mission is to create higher education aspirations for junior high and high school students from neighboring districts that do not send a high proportion
of graduates to college. The program acquaints students with college course content and procedures to familiarize them with the issues of student life and intellectual pursuit, and to involve the students in the type of policy debates that occur in the field of criminology. The Criminology Outreach Program emphasizes four elements: critical thinking, writing, library research, and oral presentation skills. During 2007-2008, the program reached 1,314 students at 9 schools through 36 UCI mentors.

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Field Study Program

The Field Study Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to examine social problems, evaluate the merit of ideas presented in the classroom, and educate students in conducting naturalistic observations and investigations. Students have the opportunity to participate in the ongoing activites of an organization and develop interpersonal as well as technical competencies. Field Study also offers students the opportunity for data collection projects, theory-testing, and social interaction.

There are over 215 Field Study Partners participating in the program. The students have a major presence in the community with 4,500 days volunteered at non-profits, 4,959 days volunteered in the private sector, and 12,600 hours of service in the private sector.

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Metropolitan Futures Initiative (MFI)

The Metropolitan Futures Initiative (MFI) aims to develop an improved understanding of communities and their potential for integrative and collaborative planning and action to ensure a bright future for the region.

With initial focus on Orange County and its location within the larger Southern California area, The Metropolitan Futures Initiative is a commitment to build communities that are economically vibrant, environmentally sustainable, and socially just by partnering Social Ecology’s world class, boundary-crossing scholarship with expertise throughout Southern California.

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Toward a Sustainable 21st Century

This conference series is an initiative of a foundation of global reach and a research university to do together more than they can do separately on significant unsolved problems of global society in the areas of marine resources conservation, and threats to ecosystem and environmental health caused by toxic chemicals and the absence of effective governance structures which promote sustainability. The broad goal is to contribute to sustainability on Earth through four general categories of presentations: Science and 21st Century Sustainability, Law and 21st Century Sustainability, Governance and 21st Century Sustainability, Special Topics in Sustainability. There have been eight programs in the series so far. The public is invited to attend. 

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