Professor of Criminology, Law & Society

Ph.D. New York University
(949) 824-6094
Social Ecology II, Room 3389



sociology of law, sociology of professions, law and society, Sociology of Legal Profession, Methods and Police Misconduct

Curriculum Vitae: 

Carroll Seron studies the organizations and professions of law. The Business of Practicing Law: The Work Lives of Solo and Small-Firm Lawyers takes up the timely question of legal advertising and solicitation in shaping lawyers’ professional identities. Her book with co-authors Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, Bonnie Oglinsky and Robert Suate, The Part-Time Paradox: Time Norms, Professional Life and Family and Gender was among the very first to cast a sociological gaze on policies and practices around work-family balance.  In current research, Seron is studying the timely issue of indebtedness on law students’ career paths. 

Her current work also has taken a comparative turn.  In dramatic contrast to law, engineering remains a white, male bastion.  With Susan Silbey (MIT) and Brian Rubineau (Cornell), this project presents new insight into the remarkably persistent gender gap in engineering.  Building on this, Seron has recently given talks in Europe and Australia exploring “The Changing Landscape of Women in the Professions: Why Women Study Law and not Engineering.”

Carroll Seron is a former Editor of Law & Society Review, Volumes 42 to 44. 

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