Professor of Planning, Policy & Design and Political Science

Ph.D. Claremont Graduate School
(949) 824-7680
218D Building Social Ecology 1



Radical urbanism, Mexican American politics and labor, economic democracy, and Marxist inspired political economy


  • Ph.D. Administration, Social Policy, and Planning, Claremont Graduate School
  • Visiting Graduate Student, Department of Economics, (Political Economy and Urban Economics) University of California, Riverside 
  • M.P.P. Public Policy Studies  Claremont Graduate School
  • B.A. Comparative Culture (Political Economy and Social Theory)—cum laude University of California, Irvine


  • Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund (2012)
  • Daniel Stokols Award for Interdisciplinary Research, School of Social Ecology, UC Irvine, 2010
  • Visiting Scholar, Cyprus University of Technology, April-May 2010
  • Honorary Research Staff, Faculty of Law,Business & Social Sciences, Centre for Research on Racism, Ethnicity, and Nationalism, University of Glasgow, Scotland (2007-2008) 
  • Co-Founder, Center on Inequality and Social Justice, UC Irvine (2007)
  • Visiting Professor of Political Economy, Department of Sociology, University of Glasgow, Scotland (2007-2008)
  • Adam Smith Research Foundation Fellow, University of Glasgow, Scotland, 2007.          
  • Keynote Speaker, “Rethinking, Once Again, Class and Inequality” International Sociological Association, Cyprus, May 2007

Rodolfo D. Torres was born and raised in East Los Angeles. He is Professor of Urban Planning, Chicano/Latino Studies, Political Science and Culture and Theory. He is a recipient of the prestigious Adam Smith Foundation Fellowship, University of Glasgow, Scotland. His current research areas include: Latino Urbanism, Direct Economic Democracy and Atlernative Futures, Mexican American labor and politics, and Marxist and anarchist inspired political economy. On a personal note, he enjoys listening to the music of Amy Winehouse, Los Lobos and the blues of John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, and  recently Charlie Musselwhite and Ben Harper.



  • 2015 Multicultural Apocalypse, with C. Kyriakides. Forthcoming: New York: NY, Oxford University Press
  • 2015 The Latino Question: Laboring Classes, and the Next Left, with A. Ibarra and A. Carlos. Forthcoming: London: Pluto Press  
  • 2012 Race Defaced : Paradigms of Pessimism, Politics of Possibility, with C. Kyriakides. Stanford: CA, Stanford University Press
  • 2004 After Race : Racism After Multiculturalism, with A. Darder. New York: NY, New York University Press.
  • 2004 Savage State : Welfare Capitalism & Inequality, with E. Martin. Boulder: CO, Rowman & Littlefield.
  • 2000 Latino Metropolis, with V. M. Valle.  Minneapolis:  MN,  University of Minnesota Press

Edited Books :

  • 2015 Economic Democracy,  with A. Carlos (in progress)
  • 2013 Man of Fire : Selected Writings of Ernesto Galarza, with A. Ibarra. Urbana   and Chicago: IL, University of Illinois Press (Choice Magazine: Book of the Year, 
  • 2013 Latinos and Education: A Critical Reader, with A. Darder.  New York: NY, Routledge. (2nd Edition)
  • 2012 Latino Urbanism, with D. Diaz. New York: NY, New York University Press
  • 2010 Schools Under Surveillance, with T. Monahan. Piscataway: NJ,  Rutgers University Press.
  • 2009  The Critical Pedagogy Reader, with A. Darder.New York: NY, Routledge (2nd Edition)
  • 2003  The Critical Pedagogy Reader, with A.Darder. New York: NY, Routledge
  • 2003  Latino/a Thought: Culture, Politics, and Society, with F. Vasquez.Boulder: CO, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
  • 1999  Latino Social Movements: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives, with G. Katsiaficas. New York: NY, Routledge
  • 1999  Race, Identity, and Citizenship: A Reader, with eL. Miron and J. Inda. Cambridge: MA, Blackwell Publishers.
  • 1998  The Latino Studies Reader: Culture, Economy, and Society, with A. Darder. Cambridge: MA, Blackwell Publishers.
  • 1997  Latinos and Education: A Critical Reader, with A. Darder.  New York: NY, Routledge.
  • 1997  New American Destinies: A Reader in Asian and Latino Immigration, with D. Hamamoto.  New York: NY, Routledge.



Professor Torres is author/co-author of  nearly forty book chapters and articles on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to theories of the state,  racism and class relations, Chicano politics, economic restructuring, and urban theory.



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