Professor Emeritus of Criminology, Law & Society

Ph.D. The Ohio State University
(949) 798-9281
2375 Social Ecology II



criminology and public policy; wrongful convictions; gangs

Curriculum Vitae: 

C. Ronald Huff is Professor Emeritus of Criminology, Law and Society and previously served as Dean (1999 - 2009) of the School of Social Ecology at UCI.  He is also Professor Emeritus in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University, where he taught from 1979 - 1999, directed the John Glenn School of Public Affairs (1994-1999), and directed the Criminal Justice Research Center (1979 - 1999).  He also taught at Purdue University (1976 - 1979); at UC Irvine (1974 - 1976); and as Visiting Professor of Sociology at the University of Hawaii (1995).

His 13 books include Wrongful Convictions and Miscarriages of Justice: Causes and Remedies in North American and European Criminal Justice Systems; Wrongful Conviction: International Perspectives on Miscarriages of Justice; and Gangs in America (3 editions). In addition, he has published more than 100 journal articles, book chapters, and major research reports. He has served as a consultant to the attorneys general of California, Ohio, and Hawaii; the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee; the F.B.I. National Academy; the U.S. Department of Justice; and numerous other agencies and organizations throughout the nation. For many years, he was a consultant to the Strategic Response Bureau of the Columbus (Ohio) Division of Police.  He has also served on the advisory board of the Center for Juvenile Law and Policy at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles; on the California Attorney General's Research and Policy Advisory Committee; on the advisory board of the National Gang Center; and on an American Bar Association advisory committee on wrongful convictions. His honors include the August Vollmer Award, the Herbert Bloch Award, and the Graduate Student Paper Award from from the American Society of Criminology; the Gerhard O.W. Mueller International Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences; the Donald Cressey Award from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency; the Paul Tappan Award from the Western Society of Criminology; and an Academic Book of the Year Award from the American Library Association.
Dr. Huff was also elected as President (2000 - 2001) and as a Felow (2002) of The American Society of Criminology.

Selected Publications

  • Huff, C.R. “Research with Considerations of Use: Problem-Driven Research and Attempts to Improve Public Policy and Practice” (The August Vollmer Award Address).  Criminology & Public Policy, 2016, 15(4): 5 – 15.

  • Huff, C.R. and J. Barrows.  “Documenting Gang Activity: Intelligence Databases.”  Pp.59-77 in S.H. Decker and D.C. Pyrooz (eds.), Handbook on Gangs and Gang Responses.  New York: Wiley, 2015.

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