Associate Professor of Planning, Policy & Design

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(949) 824-0449
206E SEI



regional economic development, land use, economic–physical development nexus, location choice, urban system modeling


Summary of Research Interests:

My research primarily focuses on local/regional economic development, land use change, and the nexus between these two critical processes.  My academic interests also lie in the following additional topics related to my primary research interests: (i) institutional environments: how institutional environments shape various urban and regional development processes, particularly economic development, land use, and their interactions, and (ii) analytical frameworks: how to better model and simulate the dynamics of economic and physical land development processes and thus support a broad range of planning activities and policy making/implementation.

Selected Publications:

  • Kim, J.H., T.D. Keane, and E. Bernard. forthcoming. Fragmented local governance and water resource management outcomes. Journal of Environmental Management. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2014.12.002
  • Kim, J.H. 2014. Residential and job mobility: Interregional variation and their interplay in U.S. metropolitan areas. Urban Studies 51 (13): 2863-2879.
  • Kim, J.H. 2013. Spatiotemporal scale dependency and other sensitivities in dynamic land use change simulations. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 27 (9): 1782-1803.
  • Kim, J.H. and G.J.D. Hewings. 2013. Land use regulation and intraregional population-employment interaction. Annals of Regional Science 51 (3): 671-693.
  • Kim, J.H. 2013. Measuring the containment and spillover effects of urban growth boundaries: The case of the Portland metropolitan area. Growth & Change 44 (4): 650-675.
  • Kim, J.H., B. Deal, and A. Chakraborty. 2013. Parsing density changes: An outcome-oriented growth management policy analysis. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment 28 (3): 529-546.
  • Kim, J.H. and N. Jurey. 2013. Local and regional governance structures: Fiscal, economic, equity, and environmental outcomes. Journal of Planning Literature 28 (2): 111-123.
  • Wan, J., J.H. Kim, and G.J.D. Hewings. 2013. Inspecting regional economic structural changes through linking occupations and industries. Environment & Planning A 45 (3): 614-633.
  • Kim, J.H. and G.J.D. Hewings. 2012. Interjurisdictional competition and land development: A micro-level analysis. In Employment Location in Cities and Regions: Models and Applications, edited by F. Pagliara, M. de Bok, D. Simmonds, and A. Wilson. 181-199. Heidelberg: Springer.
  • Kim, J.H. and G.J.D. Hewings. 2012. Integrating the fragmented regional and subregional socio-economic forecasting and analysis: A spatial regional econometric input-output framework. Annals of Regional Science 49 (2): 485-513.
  • Kim, J.H. and G.J.D. Hewings. 2011. Framing urban systems and planning concerns as a multi-level problem. In The Oxford Handbook of Urban Economics and Planning, edited by N. Brooks, K. Donaghy, and G. Knaap, 674-700. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Kim, J.H. 2011. Linking land use planning and regulation to economic development: A literature review. Journal of Planning Literature 26 (1): 35-47.
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