Chancellor's Professor of Criminology Law and Society and Law

Ph.D., University at Albany, State University of New York
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3393 Social Ecology II



criminology, theory, self-control, crime and policy

From 2000 until 2012 Professor Gottfredson was Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost at UCI.  From 2012 until 2014 he was President of the University of Oregon. Prior to joining the University of California, Professor Gottfreson was Vice President for Undergraduate Education and Professor of Management and Policy, Law, Sociology, and Psychology at the University of Arizona and Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost.He joined the University of Arizona in 1985, after teaching at the Claremont Graduate School, the University of Illinois at Urbana, and the State University of New York at Albany.He received his A.B. from the University of California at Davis and the Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Albany.

Professor Gottfredson's research and teaching specialties are theories of crime and delinquency and the criminal justice system. He has published numerous books and articles in the professional literature about the causes of crime and crime policy. He has frequently consulted with state, county and federal governments concerning criminal justice policy.Dr. Gottfredson has served as the Director of the Criminal Justice Research Center, a private not-for-profit corporation in New York, and on the board of directors for The Parent Connection, the Crime and Justice Research Center, the Orange County United Way, OCTANe, and the UCI Medical center.

He is a Fellow of the American Society of Criminology and the Western Society of Criminology. In 1996 he was selected as the Andersen Consulting Professor of the Year in the College of Business and Public Administration. He served on the Arizona Governor's Juvenile Justice Commission and was a member of the Arizona Town Hall. At the University of Arizona he was the recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. "Distinguished Leadership Award", the Association of Women Faculty "Outstanding Support of Equity Award" and the College of Fine Arts "Bravissimo Award." At UCI he has been the recipient of the "Extraordinarius Award" and the "Excellence in Equity Award".  In 2001 he was given the Paul Tappan Award by the Western Society of Criminology for "outstanding contributions to criminology" and in 2003 the Richard McGee Award by the American Justice Institute for "outstanding contributions to crime and delinquency theory." In 2016 he was named "Chancellor's Professor" at UCI.

Selected Publications

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