Chuansheng Chen

Professor of Psychology & Social Behavior and Education
Ph.D. University of Michigan
(949) 824-4184
4566 Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway



cross-cultural psychology, adolescent development, cognitive neuroscience, genes and behavior

Curriculum Vitae: 

Culture, ethnicity, and adolescent development; the role of non-parental adults in adolescent development; brain imaging of language and mathematical learning; evolution, genes, and behavior.

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Recent Publications (since 2012)

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2014 and In press

He, Q., Chen, Chuansheng, Dong, Q., Xue, G., Chen, Chunhui, Lu, Z., Bechara, A. (in press). Gray and white matter structures in the midcingulate cortex region contribute to body mass index in Chinese young adults. Brain Structure and Function.

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