Professor of Planning, Policy & Design

Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(949) 824-3521
206D SEI



housing policy, urbanization, urban politics, regionalism, and environmental hazards

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Selected Publications

  • Feldman, D., Contreras, S., Karlin, B., Basolo, V.,  Matthew, R., Sanders, B., Houston, D., Cheung, W., Goodrich, K. Reyes, A., Serrano, K., Schubert, J., A. Luke. 2016. Communicating Flood Risk: Looking Back and Forward at Traditional and Social Media Outlets.  International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 15:43-51.
  • Basolo, V. 2013. Examining Mobility Outcomes in the Housing Choice Voucher Program: Neighborhood Poverty, Employment, and Public School Quality. Cityscape 15(2):179-197.
  • Houston, D., Basolo, V., and D. Yang. 2013. Walkability, Transit Access, and Traffic Exposure for Low-Income Residents with Subsidized Housing. American Journal of Public Health 103(4):673-678.
  • Nguyen, M., Basolo, V. and A. Tiwari. 2012. Opposition to Affordable Housing in the U.S.: Debate Framing and the Responses of Local Actors. Housing Theory and Society.
  • Basolo, V.  2012.  Housing and Urban Sustainability in the United States. Urban Sustainability: A Global Perspective, Igor Vojnovic (Ed.).  East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, pp. 435-474.
  • Basolo, V.  2011. Inclusionary Housing: the Controversy Continues. Town Planning Review 82(2):i-vi.
  • Basolo, V. and D. Lowery. 2010. Delineating the Regional Market in Studies of Inter-City Competition. Urban Geography 31(3):369-384.
  • Basolo, V. and M.T. Nguyen. 2009. Immigrants’ Housing Search and Neighborhood Conditions: A Comparative Analysis of Housing Choice Voucher Holders. Cityscape 11(3):99-126.
  • Basolo, V., Steinberg, L.J., Burby, R.J., Levine, J.N., Cruz, A.M. and C. Huang.  2009.  The Effects of Confidence in Government and Information on Perceived and Actual Preparedness for Disasters. Environment and Behavior 41(3):338-364.
  • Basolo, V. and C. Scally.  2008.  State Innovations in Affordable Housing Policy: Lessons from California and New Jersey. Housing Policy Debate 19(4):741-774.
  • Basolo, V.  2007.  Explaining the Support for Homeownership in U.S. Cities: A Political Economy Perspective. Housing Studies: 22(1):99-119.
  • Basolo, V. and M.T. Nguyen.  2005.  Does Mobility Matter?  An Analysis of Housing Voucher Holders’ Neighborhood Conditions by Race and Ethnicity. Housing Policy Debate 16(3/4):297-324.
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